Thought for today…

Wrinkles, thinning and gray hair, brittle bones, and weakening of the muscles are obvious signs of age. There are many more changes taking place as one ages. Some are not so obvious and pass under the radar of our perception for the most part. They begin much earlier in life than most people would like to believe. How you are treated and how you treat yourself throughout your life will have a profound influence on your overall life, health and longevity.

For instance, children with Type 1 Diabetes do not inherit this disease, but rather, succumb to an autoimmune reaction in their bodies which destroys the cells in the pancreas which make insulin. Consequently, they are subject to the deleterious effcts of high blood sugar throughout their lives. Their lives are a daily battle to control their blood sugar. Some are good at it, others are not. Whatever the case, poorly controlled diabetics have a shortened lifespan. You probably don’t have to give much thought to what you eat but a diabetic does. Significant changes in eating and lifestyle are needed just to survive. For now, you are doing well and hopefully, will continue to do well. However, if you are an average American or live like one, you are pushing the limits of your body’s capacity to control and repair damages at the cellular level. In other words, you are aging faster than you should. No one wants to age faster than necessary. No one wants to die early from degenerative disease.

We are living in fear of death. We are buying into the disease paradigm. Why not look at life differently. Buy into the health paradigm. Live without fear of disease and death. Life life abundantly and vigorously beyond your expected years. It is a choice… Learn how.


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